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The following listings are from Lute Society members. Items are removed after approximately 12 months unless we have been notified of the sale. Abridged versions of small ads appear in Lute News magazine, published quarterly. Non-members can advertise for a single payment of £10, contact us for details. Sections refer to month the item was listed here. If you submit a item for the listing, please notify us when it is sold.

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As you can see, information about your lute should include:- number of courses, string length, maker, year made, historical model if any, general remarks about special characteristics, whether with hard case, your city/region/country, asking price, contact details.

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Jan 2017

Small 14 single-stringed Italian Theorbo String Length : 76/120 cm. Woods : rosewood bowl, spruce soundboard. Case: hardcase Kingham case + Musicover semi-rigid custom hand made case with straps, very useful for carrying the instrument around with bike or just walking. Builder : Filippo Lesca (Turin - 2009) Price : € 3000 ,00 (shipping not included). pictures here : I've been using this instrument for a long time around in Europe and it's comfortable, small and reliable. It fits perfectly in the airplane cabin (I've been flying several times with it). The instrument is here with me in Rome, Italy, please contact me here : ingsimo - at- gmail - dot- com

Dec 2017

I'm selling my German theorbo-baroque swan-neck lute, 14 courses  (low G) in Dm. made by Jiri Cepelak 1997,  after Leopold Widhalm, Nuremberg. 74/100 cm, (2x1, 6x2/6x2). Very comfortable to play and hold, lovely and loud sound and I've played it a lot. One small insignificant crack on the belly (photo). Kingham case included. Price:4000.- Swiss francs. Contact me at: Pictures on request.

6 course Vihuela de mano in a' by Marcus Wesche (2009) String length 55 cm. Cypress vaulted back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox spruce top. Price (including case): 3500 Euros plus shipping. Here it is:

6 course lute, early 16 C model, based on various sources of iconography, by Alfonso Marín (2013).String length: 59.5 cm. Maple back, pear wood neck and pegbox, wonderful spruce top. Price (including case) 2950  Euros plus shipping. Can be heard here:

6 course vihuela de mano in g, by Francisco Hervás (2014). String length: 59.5 cm. Mahogany back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox and spruce top. An amazing sounding instrument, wonderfully decorated, almost a collector's item. Price (including case): 4600 euros. Can be seen here:

Photos on request. instruments can be seen in Madrid.
Contact Ariel Abramovich:  +34625446787

Nov 2017

Theorbo for sale. Model after Buchenberg, string leght 89/160 cm, 7x7 or 6x8, multi-rib maple back, top - alpine spruce. The theorbo was made in 2014 by Christo Georgiev and works equally well on 415 and 440 Hz, suitable for both continuo and solo repertories. Comes with soft bag and hard RCH case. Asking price: 3700 euro. Available in Europe. Pictures available. For more questions, pictures and sound, please email

Oct 2017

14 course theorbo, by Marcos Kaiser Mori (2011) afre Martinus Kaiser 1609, single strung, 8 + 6, body and neck in sycamore, mint condition with Kingham case, 4000 Euro, in Milan, pictures on request, contact Giovanni Cacioppo +39 328 684 8857

Sept 2017

8-course tenor lute (in f) by Stephen Gottlieb, built in 1979, the exact era of (if it wasn’t THE lute, hard to tell really, but looks like it)
String length 67 cm with a very comfortable action. Multi ribbed back in yew. Mint condition! With fitted original Paxman case, also like new. This rare instrument is perfect for song accompaniment with counter tenors and is surprisingly easy to play thanks to the perfectly low action hence the string length of 67. Location Berlin, Germany. Price and photos on request. Please call +49 157 74943449 or email me:

June 2017

5 course baroque guitar (2012) 64 cm, by Carlo Cecconi & Gianluca Ceccarini (Tarquinia - Italy) Voboam model with flat back, rosewood ribs and sides, white maple and ivory finitures, flat rose made in parchment and wood, spruce soundboard. € 3000,00 to be negotiated price includes (classical guitar) hard case, currently in Rome, Italy, photos at contact Simone Colavecchia,

Jan 2017

New 7 course lute after Venere, by Martin Shepherd 60cm string length, 13 plum ribs with holly spacers, holly/ebony veneered neck and pegbox, plum pegs. £4000 including Kingham case. see for details.

Bandora - excellent instrument by Maish Weisman. Has wooden ‘coffin’ case. £2000 Contact: Douglas Wootton Email: Tel: 07904114437 South East London.

Nov 2016

7-course Renaissance lute Maker: Marcus Mevissen (around 1990). String length 64,0 cm. Body: 11 ribs of prune wood, very elegant rose. Strong and full sound; in excellent state. Price €3200-, including lightweight case (Kingham). For more information and photographs:

Bass vihuela de mano by Carel Huiskamp (2009), string length 76,0 cm. Neck and pegbox in cherry. Elegant and deep sounding instrument. Price lowered to €2650,- (was €2900) including Kingham case. For more information and photographs:

13 course baroque lute Made by Ian Watchorn in Melbourne, Australia in 1996, after Martin Hoffman, with a beautiful tone. The top is Swiss spruce (called 'Bear Claw'). The back is of rosewood which was typical for 13 course baroque lutes around 1725. Hard case included. Price is New Zealand Dollars Four Thousand.The lute is located in South Africa. .