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The following items for sale from Lute society members - ads also appear in Lute News magazine. Non-members can advertise for a single payment of £10, contact us for details. Sections refer to month the item was listed here. Items are removed after approximately 12 months from listing, but you can re-submit your listing at that stage if required. If you can't find something here you could try our small ads - overseas listings. If you submit a item for the listing, please notify us when it is sold.

As you can see, information about your lute should include:- number of courses, string length, maker, year made, historical model if any, general remarks about special characteristics, whether with hard case, your city/region/country, asking price, contact details.

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Feb 2018

6-course early renaissance lute after iconographical sources, 54 cm SL. 9 ribs in flamed sycamore with ebony lines, pegbox of ebony veneered flamed sycamore, bridge of pearwood, pegs of boxwood, neck of cedar veneered with Macassar ebony, soundboard of Alpine spruce. Built in 2012. Includes RCH (Italy) case. (Dorset) £1,650.00 / €1,875.00

7-course treble lute after an instrument from the Wendelio Venere workshop (W. Eberle) in Padua, ca. 1600. SL 44.4 cm; 19 ribs of plum with ebony lines, neck of ebony veneered cedar, plum bridge and pegbox, Alpine spruce soundboard. Built in 2013. (Dorset) £1,520.00 / €1,725.00

11 course French baroque lute after Hans Frei by Chris Doddridge, 2011, with Kingham case. Vibrating string length, 70cm. Back of 9 ribs of English sycamore, soundboard Swiss spruce, neck veneered in ebony and paduk, ebony pegs, beautifully carved peg box. As new. £3,500. For photographs go to Contact:

Jan 2018

11 course Baroque lute (after Hans Frei) by Adrian Dodd, 2014. String length 68cm. Beautiful sycamore bowl, 11 ribs and ebony veneered neck with French style bridge end. Ebony veneered pegbox with sycamore sides and treble rider. Comes with custom leather style case. Price, £2150. Pictures upon request. Contact Mark for general interest on: 07472005205,

6 course lute in F (67 cm) by Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris (2009). A fine instrument after the Laux Mahler original in Nuremberg (MI54). Highly figured Hungarian ash ribs. Complete with velvet-lined Kingham case. Excellent condition. Full description and pictures featured on the makers’ website ( catalogue 1, and also partway down Recent picture here; now restrung in Nylgut. Currently at my home near Cambridge but could bring to London for anyone seriously interested. Craig Hartley, 01763 208615 and . £3600 or offers.

7 course lute, copy of Wendelio Venere 1592 made by Stephen Murphy in 2003 in very good condition. String length: 60cm, top: Spruce (Jura), back: Swiss yew (very rare two-colour heart and sap wood), neck: Ebony veneered spruce, pegbox: Plum, Kingham fitted case. It can be heard on the 3rd track at this link, played alongside a renaissance guitar in a duo piece: Pictures can be seen at The cost now of this model by Stephen Murphy is currently £6355 (7200€), but this one is selling for just £4850 (5500€). Instrument is currently in South London, SW12. For more information Please contact James Bramley (+44 (0)7885 218 858; ) or Manuel Minguillón (+34 616 324 892; )

Panormo Guitar - An 1826 Louis Panormo Fecit, with ivory frets, has been restored in my workshop and is now available. The price of £4500 includes a hard case and the guitar can be shipped worldwide. Photographs and full information can be found at: Contact Arthur Robb at or phone 01666-822945.

7 Course Lute for sale. Hand-made from solid woods with nylgut frets in England by Paul Hathway in about 2000 ish. Undamaged - it's always kept in it's case. I've hardly played this instrument as I play Classical Guitar and they are very different. It's got a really sweet sound. Fitted with Pyramid Strings and tuned to G (spare set in the case too). Complete with wooden hand-made tuner and tuning information (it was sorted by a Lute Society member). If you would like to see pics of this, then drop me an email - £900 ono (Somerset).

7 Course lute in F by Martin Shepherd. A fine, professional quality instrument (2005); excellent condition. 65cm scale length. Complete with velvet lined Kingham case. Can be viewed in London E9 and also at the Lute Society meeting on November 18. Pictures shortly available at Gordon Gregory 07733_224933 and £3800

Dec 2017

6 string guitar in the style of Lacôte, made by Estebán Perez Esquivel, Colón, Argentina 2010. Like new, exquisite workmanship, beautiful sound, hard case. 2500 pounds. Can be viewed in Birmingham. Contact

Nov 2017

Kingham lute case, to fit a renaissance or baroque lute with a vibrating string length of around 70cm. The measurements are as follows. Please note that the plush lining allows for some leeway under the maximum measurements given: Full length inside case: 95cm. Depth of bowl: 18cm. Length from far top of neck rest to the tail end of case – with strap button 76cm – without strap button 75cm. Width of body: 33cm. Peg box pocket – width 18cm – length 19.5 cm – depth 28cm. £400. For pictures go to Contact:  
8 course lute in g’ by Martin Shepherd, 2006, after Gerle, with Kingham case. European spruce soundboard, back of figured ash. Currently strung with Aquila nylgut and Savarez KF basses. Vibrating string length, 60cm. Well loved, well looked-after, superb condition. £3,800. For pictures go to Contact:  
Bandora, 7 courses, by Peter Forrester, 2008. Beautiful instrument in virtually immaculate condition. Strings of brass and iron, tuned: a+a, e+e, c+c, G+G, d+D, c+C, G+GG. Vibrating string length: 73.2cm–77.8cm. Rose of carved wood and parchment and decorative carved head with painted flowers in her hair. Comes with bespoke Kingham fitted case and spare strings. £4,300. For pictures go to Contact:  
Oud by unknown maker, Turkey (2000). This instrument is currently in a variation of Old Turkish, Armenian and Greek tuning, d’ a e B A G, all courses double unisons except the single bottom G. It is currently strung with Aquila nylgut and Savaerez KF basses, which emphasises the middle frequencies. A standard set of modern oud strings, nylon and overwounds, also works well and gives a clean, bright sound. This oud comes with a Kingham case. £800. This instrument can be seen and heard at Contact:  

Oct 2017

8 Course Amplified Lute by Arthur Robb. Made in 1976, this lute has been fitted with a high quality lapel microphone inside the body of the instrument. Access to all the very lightweight electronic equipment is through a hatch cut into the body. The amplified sound is extremely lute like. String length is 625mm and the price with fibre case is £900. Full details and photos at or phone 01666-822945.

Sep 2017

Diatonic cittern by Peter Forrester after Brussels 1524, string length 43.3 mm., heard at a recent Lute Society meeting. Reduced to £2500 for quick sale, Kingham case included. UK or Europe preferred

Aug 2017

An 1838 Louis Panormo guitar, restored in my workshop, is now available. The price of £4000 includes a hard wooden case and it can be shipped worldwide. A full set of photos is at: A full description of the restoration, with photos, is at: 1838b.html. Contact Arthur Robb at or on 01666-822945.

July 2017
Original engraving of Charles Mouton playing his lute. Elegantly framed. Offers please. Contact Douglas Wootton 07904114437 or email

Jun 2017

Bandora - excellent instrument by Maish Weisman. Has wooden ‘coffin’ case. £2000 Contact: Douglas Wootton Tel: 07904114437 South East London.

May 2017

Lovely sonorous 7 course lute by Anna Dolling who worked with Stephen Gottlieb. 66cm string length at A415 perfect for lute song. Some wear on varnish. Comes with hard Kingman case, £2200 Contact Douglas Wootton on 07904114437

Apr 2017

7 course renaissance lute, made about 2006 by Alexander Hopkins at the behest of a professor at Seville Conservatorio for a student of his. Pale woods throughout, 15 ribs with darker separating lines and binding to finger board. No other purfling or decoration, but its plainness lends emphasis to the delicately carved rose. Pyramid strung, comes with a spare set of strings, and fretgut(natural), the scale length being 610mm. A simple instrument but very playable. “Perfection” gig bag with 20mm padding. Price 1500GBP. Photos available from In Swansea.

Mar 2017

An Arthur Robb eight course lute begun in 2013 is now available. The string length is 600mm and it is tuned to g. The 13 rib body is figured English sycamore and the soundboard is Swiss pine. The price of £3000 includes a Kingham (MTM) case and it can be shipped worldwide. A full set of photos is at Contact Arthur Robb at or on 01666-822945.

Turkish oud , nice instrument by Hasan Oksuz. Real Horn roses and soft case. £450 ono Streatham London 07905 190 269 or email

Dec 2016

Handmade 6 course lute £1800, by Michele Farmer (2016). It's a six course lute with a sounding string length of 640mm. The instrument is in the style of Hans Frei (from the bologna school of lute making) and modelled on a 1550's design. It has a flamed ash back, a spruce soundboard (the rose is hand carved), walnut fingerboard, and a sycamore neck and pegbox, fitted with boxwood pegs. Other notable features include the use of hide glue in its construction, as well as using good quality Aquilla strings. Made under the tutelage of luthier Paul Egholm of Barleylands by Michele Farmer 2016. Without case. Pictures and film of it being played by my tutor can be found here. Contact

14 Course Theorbo made by Eric Stefanelli in 2002.  7 and 7, string lengths 80cm & 160cm.  In very good condition and comes with hard case.  Located in Reading area. Photos available.  £3,750.   Please contact Peter Till at:    or call 0776 770 3449

Bentside spinet by Alec Hodson, 1954. This is a high-quality instrument built by one of the 20th century's most important makers. Mahogany case, four octaves and five Keys, with Blackwood and Boxwood accidentals, inscribed 'Alec Hodsdon Lavenham fecit anno MCMLIV'. It is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition with a beautiful delicate sound. Full length 1.8m. £2,250, inc stand and padded carrying case. Photographs available from Andrew Benfield: ; 01872 553414

11c Baroque lute (after Laux Mahler) by Lauri Niskanen, 2015. String length 70cm. Ribs in beautiful Finnish visa birch with ebony spacers. Neck in ebony with ebony veneered pegbox. Treble rider damaged and repaired. Comes with plywood box made by Niskanen. Pictures of this lute can be seen on Price £1750. Contact Paul 01599 566790, for more info and pictures.